Thursday, May 20, 2010

Love LuLu

I'm slammed at work right now and promise to catch up on some Yoga talk. I've visited the last two studios I've referenced above. Bikram Yoga NYC has 4 studios in Manhattan, UES, UWS, Flatiron, & Midtown West (see Late for a Very Important Date post), all of which are clean and big, but I wasn't as fond of my experience as a whole...will embellish on this when we meet again. Bikram Union Square (by far) is my favorite location! They have the largest blue room studio that's just so comforting to me. Their teachers are A-MAZING!!! In my next post I simply must give a shout out to the teachers that I've been privileged to have. Yoga to the People, Bikram Manhattan, Yoga Works, and Bikram LES, I have yet to cross off my list.

At the moment, I'm feeling great and am still heavy duty involved and committed to Bikram Yoga (the practice in general). I need to decide what I'm going to do for my 30 Day Challenge; Bikram Yoga or Yoga Works (Vinyasa, Power, Pilates, etc).

I'm extremely excited and motivate (& prepared) to commit to Yoga 24/7. I've relinquished my Equinox membership after 5 years of intense training with Yoga on the backburner. I can't decide what the better/smarter move would be; 30 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge or 30 Day Yoga Challenge (30 days of Yoga, upon completions you get a free month and a bunch of free stuff and to top it off, you feel & look great and since it takes 21 days to break or make a habit, June is the perfect month for me to fully commit to this)...any suggestions anyone? I really LOVE the way I feel after Bikram, but I think that if I do Power Flow & Vinyasa & Pilates I'll tone more (& faster)...anyone?? Help here please...I need your opinions.

Tons of exposed skin & swimwear this summer...flip flops, beaters, & cut off shorts on Fire Island for July 4th and Calypso bikinis & Moroccan Kaftans in Tel Aviv at the end of July->Aug...Tons of beach time and Central Park time this summer...I definitely want to make sure I'm drinking a ton of smartwater and eating plenty of raw food.

GD, I sound like a tree hugger. I will not quit till I look HOT in my LuLu lemon "Say No To Camel Toe" hot shorts (there...spoiled rotten NYC chick...feel so much better now).

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  1. I don't know if this is going to help much. But, you seem to really enjoy Bikram yoga and it makes you feel real good. It even got you started on a blog, that's big.
    However, I'm into letting the body go through a new experience and since you are looking for a "challange" I say go for something different. A yoga you don't noramlly do, etc. there any way you can squeeze both Bikram and whatever else you choose? But I hesitate for you to do that, now that I think about it maybe the whole point of the challange is to be 100% in it and not 50/50.
    Can you talk about what this 30 Day Challange is....then I'll be able to give an opinion...this was merely a suggestion...talking out loud ; )