Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Late for a Very Important Date!!!

"I'm sorry, the class is closed, signing up online only guarantees a spot in class if you show up 10 minutes before hand..." Yoga boy behind the counter was regretful to inform me.
"Seriously???!??" I was so annoyed and immaturely took it out on the innocent girlish looking boy behind the sign-in desk @ Bikram NYC's UWS location.
"Yes, class starts in THREE minutes!! Your spot was given away. I'm really sorry, but if you know you're going to make it, next time just give me a shout & let me know before you get here :-)" Not only was I annoyed I was going to miss this class, I found myself staring at this boy's lanky frame in envy. He sported purple lululemon hot shorts that in a million years wouldn't look as good on me as they did on him!

It wasn't his fault I couldn't find the 3rd floor studio tucked behind the OTB (Off Track Betting) stoor front on 72nd St. between Columbus & Amsterdam. I was literally walking up the stairs of the 72nd & Central Park West B,C subway stop at 6:13pm. I knew I was running late (shocker), and the stress of finding the place & changing & and securing a good spot in class was creeping up on me & making me sweat in all the wrong places (gross). So when I finally made it to Columbus, I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel...ummm? Think again! There must have been three or four Yoga, Fitness, or Spa studios on one block! I was literally walking chin first, head back with my eyes glued to both sides of the street in hope to spot the infamous Bikram NYC logo on a flag or through a window.

"Excuse me?" I approached a local, "do you know where the Bikram yoga studio is on 72nd St?" I scrunched my nose & raised my brow. "Nahh, sorry," JUST the answer I wanted to hear.

"UCHHHH!!!!" My inner voice grunted as I glanced at my black Polar sport swatch that read 6:26pm. I must have walked past the OTB joint three times before I noticed the little logo on one of the side doors "Bikram Yoga NYC 3rd FL"

I ran up the stairs and let myself cool off a bit...SIGH...I've finally made it :-)

"I'm sorry, the class is closed...I'm sorry, the class is closed...I'm sorry, the class is closed," Yoga boy's voice echoed in my wasn't his fault, he was just following protocol.

In the interest of 'keeping it real,' I met up with Jenny, my local UWSer who's always down for a good laugh & a cocktail. So we opted to meet at TenZan ( for some Sushi on Columbus.

Instead of an intimate date w/Bikram (sweating for 90 minutes, holding 26 poses in 105 degrees and burning [on average] 850 calories/class), I had an intimate date w/Jenny and a wonderful glass of Ménage a Trios Shiraz...

A pound of addemame (spelling?) (spelling?), two sushi rolls, & 2 glasses of wine later (not to mention the 850 calories I WOULD have burned @ Bikram), pretty yoga boy and the fact that I missed a fantastic 90 minutes of bliss were an afterthought.

Thank you Bikram Yoga NYC for being so faire to those who show up early & those who show up late...thank you Jenny for meeting up with me at the last minute...thank you pretty Yoga boy for keeping me inspired to look like you someday...
Since I didn't make it to what I thought was my last class (but really was my 2nd to last class), I made sure to go the following day and make up for the lost time. I have yet to tell you about my Bikram Yoga NYC UES experience...I did meet up with a boy and go out for some raw fish (yet again) post session.
This time I made sure to be on time. No pretty, skinny, yoga loving, beautiful person was going to deny me of the opportunity!

Till next time...

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  1. You forgot to account for the calories we MUST have burned walking from Tenzan to Cilantro not to mention the breaking in of new beige espadrilles!